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Here you'll find comments, reviews and testimonials from customers that we provide services to.

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We've also included a selection of Awards that we have received showing our attention to detail, excellent customer support and reliable and cost-effective hosting solutions.

Web Hosting Dir - UK Reseller Hosting Award - May 2009

Dedicated Server Directory

Received a further Award for 'Best UK Reseller Hosting' - May 2009

Web Hosting Dir - UK VPS Award - April 2009

Web Host Directory

Awarded 'Best UK VPS Provider' for second month - April 2009

Web Hosting Dir - UK VPS Award - March 2008

Web Host Directory

Best UK VPS Provider - March 2009

Web Hosting Dir - UK Reseller Award - January 2008

Web Host Directory

Awarded 'Number 1 UK Reseller Host' - January 2008

You can read some of the comments and testimonials from real XILO customers. We receive these from customers via email, forums and social media.

We’d like to thank all everyone published below for allowing us to share their kind words.

I have a couple of hosting accounts with Xilo for a few years now, excellent service, cannot fault it. They are the best, value for money, excellent customer service, very happy and proud to be a customer of Xilo. I would highly recommend them for web hosting.

(link) Kez Martin, August 2014

We’ve used XILO for a number of high traffic websites in the last 4 years and I can confidently say there is no company as good as them in the UK.

I’ve used over 15 hosts throughout my time and none of them have stood up to my demands for uptime and support.

What started as a side host for a personal site has turned into migrating our whole business to the XILO service, something we’ve not regretted once.

David Merry,, April 2014

I purchased an ssl web site certificate for my on line booking form.

The service was over in minutes and I purchased support for setting everything up - it was a good job I did because I was having great difficulty - A few emails to XILO and I got amazing help.

All working perfectly now. I purchased a certificate for just one year to try it out, I have no doubt now that I will be renewing for thier maximum renew period (I think it is 5 years).

Well done XILO!

Bill Lee, August 2012

Always great customer service with a positive attitude.

Hosting is quick and reliable with an excellent automatic daily data backup service included.

I switched to XILO after using some larger hosting companies that didn’t deliver the hosting speed I required.

(link) Bill Walker, Kewlcat Web Design, May 2012

You are one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Fantastic support and excellent hosting packages. Keep up the good work!!

Undoubtedly what sets Xilo apart from the other webhosts is their customer service, which is excellent.

(link) Twitter: @techheadzuk and, May 2012

Emailing your ISP late at night and getting a reply in 98 seconds. Now that’s customer service!

(link) Twitter: @ntt, May 2012

Have been with XILO for 3 years now, running a website for a cancer nursing charity. Even on a basic package for a few pounds per month the support is superb and what makes it for me.

I’m OK at HTML but XILO have come to my rescue regarding domain names and DNS settings a few times - and nearly always within the hour, any time of day.

Highly recommended.

Steve Rowett, April 2012

+ Real Customer CARE

This company will give you the information you need when dealing with rip-off providers. Saved me around £200, when my previous ISP wanted to charge me over £200 for a job their own price list quoted at around £30.

Thanks XILO

Lee Davies, October 2011

I have been a customer for about 4 years and have only had issues of my own making.

When I had a site problem recently, my first and only possible port of call was Xilo’s support team. I had not expected much considering what I pay (£25 a year) and especially when the problem I needed help with was once again something I had broken.

I called last week to be greeted by a friendly guy who was more than happy to help. He explained the problem and advised what I did that broke the site (I run a magento cart). Without asking, he corrected the school boy error and my site was working again.

He even went on to then suggest ways of optimising the site to make it faster so that the items could be cashed quicker.

I don’t recall the name but I wanted to pass my thanks on as best I could, especially because of the excellent support over the last few years.

Thanks - JS.

Jason Simpkin, August 2011

Xilo are by far the very best web hosting company I have had the pleasure to deal with. My queries and questions have always been responded to promptly and efficiently. I recently made a rather stupid error with one of my accounts and Matt went out of his way to help me resolve the matter. His patience and understanding were beyond the call of duty.

I always recommend Xilo to friends and colleagues, and will continue to do so. Highly commended

Michelle Duxbury, August 2011

Emails went down no fault of Xilo, Within 10 mins of a ticket being sent I had a solution.

Most impressive thing about this company is that they actually want to help you.

Highly recommended

Ben Barraclough, June 2011

Can I just say xilo are one of the best companies I have had hosting with.

I only have reseller package with them, but the service I have received has always been excellent.

Uptime has been excellent and the packages are great value too.

I would have no problems in recommending other companies use xilo.

Lcpc IT Services, June 2011

I could not ask for a better host. I moved from another atrocious hosting provider who lost my data, had no backups even after paying extra.

I recommend xilo to anyone after hosting by a real support team.

Samuel Walker, May 2011

As one of the country’s top 40 contract hire and fleet management companies, reliability is an important factor for us and Xilo has certainly delivered.

We have been delighted with the level of service we have come to expect from them and the team are exceptionally helpful throughout.

Fowzie Smith-Tahir, February 2011

I have basic hosting service with a domain in UK and this has been open for about 4 years. Good support from the people at xilo.

Happy with service.

S Drechsler, January 2011

I’ve been with Xilo for around 5 years now and and the very satisfied owner of multiple VPS and reseller accounts.

Support have answered any queries promptly and effectively in contrast to other companies I’ve deal with in the past.

I can’t recommend Xilo enough!

Joe Hunter, January 2011

Moved to Xilo after many problems with other hosts. These people are very reliable and I have no complaints whatsoever. Support requests are replied in, on average, about 60 seconds (in my experience at least), and are always nice and helpful. Definitely recommend them!

John Smith, January 2011

I host multiple websites with XILO.

Their easy to understand and operate website, combined with their truly outstanding customer service make them a real jewel in an industry where lacklustre performance is the norm.

I’ve worked in retail sales and marketing for over 20 years and I have never come across a company so willing and able to assist their customers.

Paul McEniff - Cicle Ltd., November 2010

When I complained about my previous host on Twitter, Xilo stepped in and offered to let me try their service free for 30 days.That was 2 years ago and I haven’t had a problem since.

I work on hundreds of client websites every year on web servers around the world and I can truly say that Xilo’s infrastructure and support are second to none.

Dave Wilkinson - Dave Wilkinson Freelance Web Services, August 2010

I recently had a major problem with one of my sites, hosted by XILO. Within moments of sending in a ticket that the site was down, I had a response from Matt in Support.

Despite the fact that it was quickly identified that it was not a server issue, Matt continued to give help and assistance until we got the problem sorted. Whilst I would have got there in the end, there is no doubt in my mind that it would have taken a great deal longer. Service way above and beyond the call of duty.

I have utmost confidence that my XILO hosted sites are in a good home and would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Tricia Smith

Tricia Smith, May 2010

I have used many hosting companies, both in the USA and the UK, since I registered my first domain name in 1997.

I have consistently found XILO to be one of the quickest to respond to any queries and solve any problems.

I highly recommend XILO for great service, support and value for money.

Neil Shearing, Ph.D., Scamfree Ltd, April 2010

The level of service from is amazing iv been a customer of theirs for 3-4 years!

Any time i’ve posted a support or sales Ticket its answered within 1 hour and the extents these guys go to is out of this world. I don’t think these guys sleep especially Matt I receive emails at 3-4am which doesn’t bother me as it shows there working around the clock.

In the time being with Xilo there has been no downtime.

Ross Young, October 2009

i use the reseller package on - couldn’t recommend speed and quality of customer service enough

(link) Twitter: @simonwakeman, October 2009

can wholeheartedly recommend @xilonet. Swift support when needed and never any problems.

(link) Twitter: @matijs, October 2009

I’ve used @xilonet for a couple of years. Not had any problems with them, and they’re very speedy responding to support emails.

(link) Twitter: @anna_debenham, October 2009

In a market saturated by fly-by-night operators and soulless mega-corps, Xilo is a company differentiated by its expert staff, personal service and effective, personal support.

In over 4 years they’ve NEVER let me down, nor have I ever wanted (or waited) for assistance with any queries, no matter how naive they may have been.

I would unhesitatingly recommend them to anyone looking for the best in hosting services.

I Ellis, September 2009

Outstanding! We have been with Xilo for just over 1 year. And in that time our website design business has flourished. The move to Xilo was simple, the support is unparalleled. The servers are powerful, amazingly reliable and very reasonably priced.

I shopped around alot before choosing Xilo and I am so glad I made the right decision, we now host 53 customers with Xilo and everyone is happy.

Xilo have allowed us to grow our business efficiently, reliably and smoothly.

A huge thankyou to everyone at Xilo for being so great.

Warm Regards,
Tom Bailey (Pople Media Solutions, Sussex, UK).

Thomas Bailey - Pople Media Solutions Ltd., September 2009

I’ve been with various smaller companies over the years and often found them to be far better in tech and support as you get through to someone who isn’t just sitting in a call centre.

I’m with here in the UK and their tech support has been first class.

(link) Reddit: AnotherWebDesigner, September 2009

Everytime I have needed technical help I have received a swift and very patient response from the Xilo tech support department.

If you’re considering registering domains, opening an account or package with Xilo, I would recommend you do so!.

Robert Sparrow, DNSdemon Limited, September 2009

i’ve found to be really good for hosting: cheap with really good support. never had a problem with them in years.

(link) Twitter: @garhol, August 2009

I use and the support and uptime is fantastic. I’d recommend them to anyone :)

(link) Twitter: @MyLifeinLeeds, July 2009

Just like to say how impressed I am with the quality and speed of response of the support on xilo.

Having been on the support side myself in the past I know how basic user errors through lack of knowledge can get tiresome! but full marks to Matt & co.



Paul, July 2009

Xilo have the best customer service of any hosting company I have used.

Jack Webber, July 2009

Have to say highly impressed with the support you guys give. Keep up the great work.

(link) Twitter: @bluechives, July 2009

Impressed with @xilonet’s customer service so far!

is very happy with @xilonet’s customer support!

(link) Twitter: @matijs, June 2009

Really impressed with the service I’m getting from my new host, @xilonet. Support ticket sorted out in less than 30 minutes!

(link) Twitter: @davewilkinson, June 2009

If your looking for a good website host check out, They are the best we have used, the support is unrivaled.

(link) Twitter: @WebDesignSussex, May 2009

Moving my hosting to - so far so good :)

My weekend move to went very smoothly and I have to say the service has been outstanding so far.

(link) Twitter: @RyanRoberts, May 2009

A great host. Fast reliable service, great value and amazing staff.

Whether you have queries with upgrading your hosting, or simply need support with an issue setting up a cron job, the staff are always willing to help you get it sorted.

Over the time I have been with them there has been minimal downtime (Most of which has been due to external issues).

A brilliant host, well worth using.

John Tiernan, April 2009

Using myself, very happy with them.

(link) Twitter: @Narfmaster, April 2009

Without exception, I have never received such outstanding customer service. Having hosted a variety of sites for UK clients over the last 10 years, Xilo has provided by far and away the best levels of service. I would emphatically recommend their services to anyone.


Greg Bullock, March 2009

I recently ordered a reseller account from Xilo and have been very impressed both by the products and services offered and the customer service/support.

All of my queries have been answered within a couple of hours and they have worked with me to resolve each and every problem.

I will definitely recommend Xilo to all of my friends as this is the best hosting provider I have ever used! Many thanks Xilo!

Daniel Chaney - Verve Creative, Febuaury 2009

This web hosting service is amazing! Xilo have made the website easy, clean and very clear to understand unlike some hosting websites i have been with.

I recommend them if you want a decent reseller hosting or shared hosting and its great value for money!!

Jessica Kirbyshire - Design Actors, Febuary 2009

The Xilo team were really helpful when it came to transferring all the technical bits - especially as the ‘otherside’ weren’t so - I’m not very computer savvy, so was it was great to have someone explain what to do, and what it all meant, in a way that made sense to me!

Its good value for money and I like the fact that they are so approachable. Definitely recommended :)

Sally Hesketh, January 2009

My design business has used Xilo for a few years.

Support has always been very good and the service very reliable. One of the best hosts we’ve used.

Jay Raby - MX3 Design, January 2009

Superb customer service dealing with a domain registration transfer issue.

Matt from support, went above and beyond, raising a ticket on my behalf with another service provider to facilitate the process.

Communication throughout the transfer was fantastic.

Highly recommended.

User: 'anarchyintheuk', November 2008

We have been very pleased with the hosting provided by Xilo.

They are always available at the end of the phone, which is a huge reassurance when so many companies will only communicate via email. The service provided has always been top notch and our website has never gone down unexpectedly.

If we have every had a query they have dealt with this quickly and efficiently and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Simon - Blueforest Ltd, November 2008


Once again I have got great help from matt so I thought I would leave a little note.

We have been with Xilo since the heady days of 2003 and I have opened lots of support tickets, most of which have been silly annoying things that I just simply didnt know how to do - matt etc have always been polite and helped every single time. I am really pleased to see that Xilo has expanded and prospered, and that their great customer service has really paid off.


Paul - Totally Techy Ltd, October 2008

Brilliant host, the best I have ever had the pleasure of using!

John Tiernan, June 2008

I love Xilo ... Never ever had an issue with them and been with them for over 2 years.

They respond to support tickets within minutes of sending them… which makes me think they dont sleep :o

There’s never been any downtime, and there prices are good!

'x-butterfly', May 2008

Just a quick thanks to Xilo for their support over the past 3 years.

I find their support are very helpful (in particular Matt who is excellent, and has helped me out on many occasions!) and the speed and uptime of their servers are, in my opinion, second to none.

If you are thinking about using Xilo as a host, or want to be come a reseller then I can highly recommend it.

Their prices are extremely competitive and I think personally the reseller options are incredible value.

The only issue I have is that they don’t have enough ‘gorgeous’ females on the Technical support team

Thanks again,


User: 'durban', February 2008

Exceptional hosting run by exceptional people.

I have been running websites for years and have experienced both ends of the scale from great to awful. My previous hosting company got taken over by another company and it went downhill rapidly.

I found and decided to give them a try. I am SO happy I did - it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Within a week of trying them out with one of my smaller sites, I was SO impressed I transferred over all my other 6 sites.

Any questions I raised were answered almost immediately and even when transferring all my sites over, there didnt even appear to be any down time whatsover. Xilo’s unbeatable hosting deals, customer care with 24 hour support and stable servers are truly out of this world and I cannot recommend them highly enough.  Seriously, try these guys and see for yourself - you wont be disappointed!


Sandy Becker, 2007

AccountsBilling: 5
Technical: 5
Overall_Rate: 10

Excellent service, some issues at first but after leaving a ticket for support it was resolved within minutes! All round the perfect provider. Web site now has no downtime and the main aim is to upgrade to a dedicated server in the near future as my web site grows.
Xilo - Keep up the good work!

James Acton -, December 2006

In July 2005 we had major banking difficulties. Xilo were extremely understanding, even to the extent of recommending an alternative bank.

The customer service and billing depts are both incredible, as is the network itself. I’ve used and managed servers at The Planet, Burst, EV1, Leaseweb, and Hurricane Electric. None of them have come even close to Xilo.

Thank you Xilo for putting together such an amazing solution without any real financial cost to the end user!

Customer Rating:

Billing - 5/5
Technical - 5/5
Overall - 10/10

Customer Since : 2005

Customer Review - Tuesday 7th November 2006

Joe McElwee, November 2006

After having searched for many weeks to find the right hosts to setup a reseller account with, I decided on XILO. In my first 5 months as a customer, there has been no server downtime whatsoever and no other issues to resolve at all. The servers are very speedy, well maintained and packed with features.

The team responded to any queries I had rapidly and have always been very helpful. I can highly recommend Xilo - great prices, very reliable and professional, good stuff!

Customer Rating:

Billing - 5/5
Technical - 5/5
Overall - 10/10

Greg Annandale, August 2006

Brilliant!! Just Brilliant.

It took me 3 weeks to decide which host to go for, and I’m glad I made the right choice!

Not only were you guys patient with my never ending tyrade of questions, the tech help was prompt, curteous, and correct. Xilo… I can’t thank you enough.. Just keep up your good work.

Dave Sproston, June 2006

Xilo have provided me with great service since day one!

Their support is first class and the problems that have arisen have usually been down to my mistake - their patience is endless!

I was disappointed with the no telephone support to begin with - but they are so swift and good with the emails that they can probably provide much quicker/better help this way - so perfect!

I would recommend them to the people i know and their prices are fantastic. I can only praise Xilo - (I even feel guilty by taking some work away from them by signing them up on my reseller account!)

Look no further - you wont find better!

Dominic Cort,

Dominic Cort, March 2006

It’s not often I give out testimonials, but I would recommend anyone signing up with simply because the support is first class, and Matt and Tom are very helpful, and extremely patient.

Keep up the good work - you’ve made my life easier running a growing business!

Darren Cronian, 2006


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