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Our network has been built from the ground up, using only enterprise-class switching and routing equipment.

With core routing from Juniper and switching from Extreme Networks, you can rest assured that your site will have the best levels of uptime possible.

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If you have any queries regarding our network, or want to know how we can help your business, please contact our sales team.

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Unlike many of our competitors, we run our own fully redundant and autonomous network. Our AS number is 44574.

This means we have more control over where our traffic is routed and should we see any problems with one of our transit feeds or peers, we’re able to divert or shutdown that connection in a matter of seconds with little or no noticeable outage.

To ensure the best reliability, we use a dual router configuration running VRRP which means that should a single router fail, another will immediately take over.

Each rack is also connected via dual gigabit (1000Mb/s) ethernet connections configured with LACP providing complete resilience in the event of single router failure.


Network routing by Juniper
Network switching by Extreme Networks